Statement (E)

Landscapes are the focus of my painting.

The special attraction of drawing and painting landscapes is for me
to be inspired directly (mostly „plein air“) by the character of a landscape
To abstract the seen, perceived, experienced and the recognized – the respective section of nature – in points, lines and colour areas.


The change of seasons or colour and structure – play a central role. I like to examine the relationships between colours, surfaces, forms and textures: landscape, drawing, structure and colour therefore appear on an equal footing.

Instead of reflecting the landscape in real life, my primary goal is to capture the typical landscape. That’s why I always have a sketchbook, pencils and watercolours with me on all my trips and excursions. Drawing and sketching is not only a mental aid, but also trains the eye for proportions, the quick grasp of the motif. Pictures and points of view are noted down and then tested in the draft.


My painting style is intuitive, instinctive and explorative.
The handwriting is mostly figurative, but in any case narrative.
Painting and drawing are structurally densely composed and evidence of an almost seismographic perception.

Equally important to me is the development of my very personal colour palette, which characterises every good painter.
The painter Vincent van Gogh once wrote about this to the French painter Émile Bernard:
„It is true that in the few paintings Vermeer painted, you can find the whole gamut of colours; but to combine lemon yellow, pale blue and light grey is as characteristic of him as Velázquez’s harmonising black, white, grey and pink.“